Are Tools Necessary For Boosting Your Rank in Google?


Using tools to monitor your progress is a must and you can’t simply do something and hope that it boosts your site. Building a plan of action is a part of it, keeping your eyes opened to see if what you did had an impact is crucial. If you don’t come up with a methodology to track what you do you’ll get lost in a digital desert.

These tools may seem complicated and impossible to use if you’re a starter but once you buckled your belt and jump straight into it you’ll realize that they’r actually simple. Well the truth is that you start to understand them.

Because the most simple tools are also the most popular there are a lot of articles and videos explaining them so anyone can get a hang on them.

Here are a few of them presented by Tony Messer,

7 SEO Tools We’re Thankful For

I know what it’s like running a business.

There’s always a thousand and one things to attend to. And when it comes to SEO, make that a thousand and one.

Of course, don’t forget that’s without keeping on top of the subject matter and learning all the new techniques and updates. SEO can be complex; it seems like every day there is some new SEO strategy to be learned and 100 more articles to read.

It can be overwhelming and often, force it to the back burner. I know so many business owners who have found it can be too time-consuming to get enough of the skills and knowledge to dive in and optimize for SEO on their sites. Read more…

Once you have a basic idea of what you want to do and you understand what the tool does you can start searching for ways to improve your rank.

SEO 101: 4 Ways to Pop in the SERPs

These days with Google taking up more of the top spots on the front page of the SERPs, standing out is more important than ever. But how, in a field of text where everybody looks the same, can you show your customers just how awesome you are? What’s going to make you pop and get those valuable clicks? Well, fear not, those search results can get a little more colorful with some quick and often overlooked changes that you can make to add a little pizzaz to those search results. Read more…

Written by Cynthia Johnson

There are a lot of methods out there, depending on what you’re trying to do you’ll chose a few of them, try them out and see which ones works best for your niche. That’s why you must monitor your actions so that you filter the sand in order to be left with the gold.

Don’t just do things and hope that they will help somehow, you can spend hours on one method that will bring little to no result and just a few minutes on something that will bring your site from the second page to the first in Google.

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