Who Invented Link Building?



We all heard about the History of a nation but did you know that Search Engine Optimization have’s it’s own little history? More precise link building? Link Building was born at the same time with Google when they introduced it’s revolutionary algorithm. That’s why google it’s famous in the first place.

Thanks to Google and it’s algorithms we have a high relevancy for the keywords we type in the search bar. Now, after that how things evolved is actually quite fascinating. Let’s take a look and see what Zach Ball, SEO expert and writer have’s to say about the History of Link Building…




A Brief History of Link Building, Part I

If you work in the SEO industry, you know that the history of link building is intricate and quite the roller coaster. The actual history of building links specifically for SEO doesn’t span a long length of time, however. Link building began with the rise of Google, since they based the core of their search around links, considering them votes of confidence. Therefore, one of the most important factors in SEO became your website’s backlink profile – that is who’s linking to your site.

Despite the relatively short amount of time involved, because SEO is fast paced and constantly evolving, the history of link building is filled to the brim with interesting stuff. The world of SEO is changing at such a rate that every month is different, more involved and more alive. It’s exciting really, but it also means that SEOs and marketers really need to be ready for whatever comes our way, always anticipating what lies ahead. Understanding the history and the movement of SEO will help in preparing for the future of online marketing. Read more…


Intriguing isn’t it? Understanding how link building was born and how it evolved in time can give us a better understanding and so more anticipation of what will follow next. Actually no. There’s still a lot of mystery around Google’s algorithms and what we use today is only what they revealed up until now.

Nobody understands it fully but what we can see is what has changed, what was added and what was removed trough the passage of time. The things that we did after those modifications, which one had an effect? Which move was in vain?

Jayson DeMers the founder & CEO of AudienceBloom wrote a wonderful article about what has changed in the last 10 years when it comes to Search Engine Optimization…

8 ways SEO has changed in the past 10 years

How has the search landscape changed over the last decade? Columnist Jayson DeMers explores the biggest shake-ups over the last 10 years and their impact on search engine optimization (SEO).

Few marketing channels have evolved as quickly or as dramatically as search engine optimization (SEO). In its infancy, SEO was the shady practice of stuffing keywords, tweaking back-end code and spamming links until you started ranking well for the keywords you wanted. Thankfully, Google stamped out those practices pretty quickly, and its search algorithm has never really stopped evolving.

Much of Google’s foundation was in place by the mid-2000s, but how has its algorithm — and as a result, our approach to SEO — changed in the past 10 years? Read more…


This is just the beginning , the reason is that Google was born recently and I don’t see it leaving the scene pretty soon. Let’s hope that it won’t. Things are getting more and more interesting…

The Number of Mobile Users is Bigger. Is The Internet Moving Towards Mobile Phones?



Website customization for mobile is becoming more and more important each day. Users visit websites on the go, check emails and even do shopping using their phone. So why not tap into this? Not only as a possibility but as a must! For the first time in history the number of phone users was bigger than the number of computer users.

Mobile Internet Usage Surpasses Desktop for First Time Ever Worldwide

A press release issued this morning from StatCounter reveals mobile and tablet internet usage has exceeded desktop for the first time ever.

In October 2016, mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3% of internet usage compared to 48.7% by desktop. This marks the first time worldwide mobile internet usage has eclipsed desktop. There’s no telling if this trend will continue, but mobile web usage has historically grown during the holiday season.

Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter, echoes what SEOs and marketers have been saying for years now — mobile needs to be a priority for more businesses…Read more…

written by Matt Southern


That’s amazing! Something most definitely to be considered. Today’s phones are easily equipped with 2 Gbs of RAM and processors exceeding 1.2 Ghz which means a lot considering their size.

Screens are getting bigger and the internet is insanely fast. More and more online entrepreneurs are optimizing their sites for the mobile revolution. Because of the high number of users and sales opportunities. Experts in the field are even saying that the number of mobile users will be bigger again and remain that way.

75% of Internet Use Will Be Mobile in 2017 [REPORT]

A report published by Reuters states that 75% of Internet use in 2017 will be from mobile devices. That’s up slightly from mobile web usage this year, according to data from media buying agency Zenith.

Looking ahead even further to 2018, Zenith predicts 60% of all advertising dollars on the web will come from mobile ads. By that time, mobile ad expenditure is expected to ready $134 billion, which is more than will be spent on any other form of advertising altogether. Read more…

written by Matt Southern


As you see big companies are already mobilizing their forces in this regard and take measures to expand their reach towards the mobile users also. There’s a long way to go for that to happen but until then it’s best to stay alert and be prepared for changes.