Articles – Design your web site to get registered with search engines


When your URL comes to the attention of one of these engines they will come and visit you. Yahoo sends live paid people. Open Directory uses volunteers. Others use web crawlers or spiders to crawl around your web site and this is important because spiders are the other way you get registered – automatically and without having to ask for it. It is perfectly possible to get a listing merely because your URL is on a site visited by a spider. This, by the way, is one of the reasons you want links to you on other sites. Regardless of how they visit you, all engines are all seeking to classify you. Whether you like being labeled or not, they must label you in a meaningful fashion.

The volunteers, spiders, flunkies, and even paid submitters do this with descriptions and key words contained on your site. And they find these key words and descriptions in two places – meta tags and text on the web pages themselves. So you need to have both.

Meta tags (meta is Greek for denoting position – which is probably fair because this sounds like Greek to most people) are computer codes buried in the HTML text of a web page. They aren’t visible on a web page but can often be seen by viewing the source code of a web page. To see source code, click on a web page – not the graphic stuff but some text or a blank area – with the right hand mouse button and select View Source.

Importantly, you can visit your competition and see how THEY promote themselves by seeing THEIR meta tags. You should do this with your competitor’s web sites. You can learn a lot about what works by looking at what has worked. The two above tags and the title are where engines get their key words and descriptions.

The keen observer might say that there is a lot of redundancy in these tags and title. The words marketing, public relations, and mail blasters are repeated over and over. Is the author simple? Was his last job with the Department of Redundancy Department? He may very well be and it probably was. But the search engine spiders and flunkies are even simpler. They only know what is important if you tell them – repeatedly. And then tell them again. Redundancy is a very good thing at this point. So work some redundancy into your tags and title.

Not all spiders and flunkies read the meta tags and HTML code. Some read the text on your web pages. What is important is they use rules about what is significant and what to read. First, they read the title at the top of the page and figure that is what you are. Imagine for example’s sake you are a veterinarian and you own Dr. Bob’s Clinic. Doctor and Clinic are words that will register – but they won’t help you very much. People who look for veterinarians on a search engine will probably do a search for ‘vet’, ‘veterinarian’, ‘veterinarian’ + ‘city’, etc. Therefore, to get placed to answer these searches, Dr. Bob should change the title on his web site to ‘Veterinary Clinic of Palm Beach. So spend a lot of time on the title.

Spiders also look at the text at the top of the page to see what you do. And like you and I, they tend to lose interest after the first paragraph. So spend a lot of time on that first bit of text. And repeat yourself. And then repeat yourself again. And keep hammering those key words into the text. Again, if you were Doctor Bob, you would want your first paragraph to include key words in the following way: ‘Dr. Bob Clump, Palm Beach Veterinarian, specialist in pet medicine.’ This one sentence answers 3 searches (i.e., search for “Dr. Bob Clump”, “palm beach vet”, and “pet medicine”.)

When you think you have it right put on your Homer Simpson hat. Dumb yourself down to the level of an under-paid flunky on the night shift and see if you still get the gist of what your web site is all about. Then simplify it with even more powerful and direct words.

By the way, when I say spiders read text I mean exactly that. They don’t read graphics. If your keywords are really graphics or icons the spider can’t understand them. So if your web designer is afflicted with art-directoritis (an incurable condition in which the afflicted party strives for ‘beauty’ at the expense of pleasing the spider) dump her. Fast. And get some text on the front page.

It is possible to get well listed without doing all this work and it happens all the time. But it is dumb luck, or a paid listing, or the site as been around so long that it has crept to the top of by some sort of sympathy algorithm. Do the work. You’ll be happier in the end.

That is the really important stuff. Get your key words and description properly worked into your site and you have given yourself the best opportunity to get properly listed on the best search engines.

Marketing Basics: What You Need To Know


The marketing basics apply whether your business is the traditional brick and mortar type or one that is based on the internet.

You just need to make some changes to it to make it more adaptable to the web environment. However, the truth remains that everyday there are a lot of people who go into online marketing without even first understanding how to start with their marketing.

They do not even bother to learn the basics first before they plunge into the real thing. Especially since they are investing time, money and resources they should at least prepare themselves before they go with their marketing or their online business out right.

And if you want to get it right the first time, you have to know how to properly start the marketing process of your business.

As what John Carlton, a marketing expert, would probably say, you do not simply build a business and then expect people to just come in and purchase your product or service. You need to get the word out and you need a plan on how to do exactly that.

The first thing that you need is a marketing plan

It is always at the top of all the marketing basics that you will ever come across. Just think of a great big army going out to the battlefield. What do you think will happen if that army has no plan of attack?

What if the general himself does not have an idea on how to effectively use his soldiers and resources to be able to defeat the enemy? Business and marketing should be like that.

You need a marketing plan that will lay down everything that you need to know about your business, your market, and the ways on how you will dominate that market.

It surely beats doing marketing while you are blindfolded and trying to throw darts to a target. It just will not succeed.

Another marketing necessity is for you to have a great understanding of your service or product, and not just about your business. It is best that you know the capabilities of your product.

You must understand its features and how it can benefit the consumer. All of these and even more, are all important because these can help you market your offering in a more effective and flawless manner to whatever market you are in.

It will also help you formulate the right advertising approach and promotion for your product

Next is advertising which is a part of marketing. You might need to allot a big budget to you advertising campaign if you want it to reach more people.

Even in web marketing, advertising can run into thousands of dollars if you want to advertise on the top websites and have a variety of advertising options as well.

For this you need to hire or contract experienced copywriters so they can craft the best copy for your business.

All of these stated here, especially the one about advertising, might require a big budget. But do not lose hope if you are just a small businessman starting out because you have some good options.

One is by attending a marketing and copy writing workshop, like one of the Carlton workshops, where it will teach you on how to do marketing on your own, including writing good copy, and also to connect you with the best copywriters who can do the job for you.


Site Speed can Improve Your Overall Optimization.

How is that possible? Technically, it isn’t but practically it plays a major role. Think about it, If a visitor finds your website and clicks on it but it takes a lot of time to load he will close the session and go to the next one. This results in a increased bounce rate. Google will see that and you’ll lose brownie points.

People are always in a rush, there’s just so much information and everybody wants to see everything. I think we can both relate to that.

Site speed for SEO: Why it’s about more than just loading times

One of the first things I was taught when I started out in SEO a few years ago was that “your site speed is part of Google’s algorithm and can affect ranking performance.”

My reply was something like “Google has algorithms?”

Being new to SEO, I had many questions, but as this was one of the first things I was told, I thought it would be best to take a keen interest in it, and try to understand exactly how your site speed effects performance.

Cue my head exploding.

Yes, site speed can be a difficult thing for a newbie to get to grips with, especially when you consider every possible factor – images, style-sheets, flash, scripts – the list goes on and on.

As my knowledge of site speed grew, I began to understand that it’s more than just how fast your pages load. Read more…

Think twice before adding more plugins than necessary. Watch out for what “weights” you put on the website, especially the front page, it’s where the visitor arrives first. Delete plugins that you don’t use and themes that are just there.

Google gives a nice tool that will help you determine the speed of your website. It also tells you what you can do to improve the speed. Just click here.

There are more options like having a host that runs the server using SSD Hard Drives or a Private Server and more. These are the solutions that very big websites use but if you’re just starting out or your traffic couldn’t occupy a big city then you have nothing to worry about. Google’s PageSpeed tool is more than enough for now.

Is Social Media Important For My Business? Well, It’s quite a Big Deal, Here’s Why


tree-200795_640Using social media is a great way to bring traffic to your website and create backlinks, everyone does it. Maybe you are a non conformist but you might lose 40% of possible (more than sure) visitors that will buy your e-book, product, click on your ads or whatever is your main stream of income on the website.

16 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS Social Media Marketing

Did you know that social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing? Or that 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form? No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, using social media as a marketing tool can help you grow your brand and pad your wallet.

At this point in the game, not having an active social media presence is kind of like pulling out a flip phone at a business meeting and then not understanding why your boss keeps giving Brad all the new accounts.

But some people still own flip phones, and some people dig in their heels and say, what is social media marketing going to do for me? Do I really need it? Yes. Yes you do — and here are some of the most compelling reasons why…Read more…

There are more than sixteen reasons but at least that brings a little light on it’s importance, now while we have that feeling of “it’s a must!” let’s see how to approach this matter.

How to Improve Your Search Rank with Social Media

Social media and how it relates to search rank has long been a bit of a muddy subject. While social media marketing may not directly impact search results, it’s undeniable that your social media presence can help you rank higher in searches. In this post I’ll review a few tactics that can help you improve your search rank using social media.

Like social media marketing itself, social SEO is more of a marathon than a sprint to high search rank. Although links in your published posts don’t help you rank higher on search engines, your overall social media presence has a bearing on how your content in ranked. Individual social media profiles and posts rank for search, bringing more visibility to your brand’s networks.

Social SEO is also not just about Google. Social networks are becoming search engines themselves – more than two billion searches are conducted on Facebook every day. This means ranking higher when customers search for particular content within a social media network can also provide a big boost to your brand or business.

Here are 8 ways to…Read more…

Building a few good and complete social profiles shouldn’t take more than two hours. Be sure to join groups, they already have roughly around 5.000 members already so imagine the exposure you get if you post a comment with an article and a link to your website. What if you join 10 groups with 5.000 members each? What if you have 5 profiles? That’s MASSIVE!

If you have a website and haven’t built those profiles already or have them opened but haven’t used them start right away! This single step can take your website to the next level.