Create Backlinks for Your Website By Submitting Them to Website Directories



Web directories are websites that show different categories and sub-categories which contain user submitted websites. The idea here is that visitors can easily find websites in their area of interest.

Our role is to get the website we are trying to rank for in as many directories as possible. Now remember, the bigger the authority of a directory website the better. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t submit your site on less known ones, on the contrary it will add to the number of backlinks but it won’t have such a big impact.



One of the hardest things that blog owners run into today is promoting their writing and content – you might have the greatest blog on the internet about a certain subject, but with no readers and zero traffic it doesn’t really matter if your article is excellent or awful because no-one will be reading! How do you solve this problem? Promotion using blog aggregators is always a solid plan. By submitting your blog to different aggregator websites, you are promoting your content in front of thousands of different people – and if your content is truly good it will usually rise to the top – leading to even more exposure. There are many blog aggregator websites available – most of them are free, but there are some that charge an upfront fee or a submission fee in order to submit your blog posts or website links. I’ve organized the list below in “Free” and “Paid” sections, so you can easily see which ones to target and which to avoid. Most of the blog aggregator websites listed below require you to sign up and create an account first before you submit your blog, unless otherwise noted. Read more…

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As you see they are free and once you create an account all you have to do is to submit your website and wait for approval. Take note of it on your spread sheet and remember to check back to see when it’s been approved. Once that it’s done, well, you got yourself a backlink on a respected website and won a few more points from Google.

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