Create Backlinks Submitting Your Site on Review Websites.



It’s as simple as it sounds, get your website up on a review directory website, write a nice profile with what you would like to improve and be sure to post that backlink. That’s why we are doing this after all. Here are a few websites that you can start on.

and so on…

There are many, many more. I recommend aiming at those that have high authority. A backlink on one of those is more valuable than ten backlinks on other less popular sites.

This method should give your site a little boost. Never rely on just one method, especially when Google algorithms are ever changing. A good practice would be to do as many as possible but not to many so that you can keep track of them and have everything in order.


Aside from the fact that it looks nice and it’s very professional it helps you track your progress, see where you started where you are and where you are heading.

Keep it simple and try different methods, keep track of them and see what works best for you.

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