Over 150 Tools To Assist You in Ranking Higher in Google

I already made a post about the importance of using special tools to help you rank higher and keep an eye on your hard work’s results. If interested you can read it here.

There are some tools that really do nothing aside from giving you lots of useless metrics. They are interesting to see but not so useful in practice.

Brian Dean is an amazing guy, he’s the owner of Backlinko and has compiled a list with 150+ Online Marketing tools that you can use for your business, most popular, his favorites, free and paid.


SEO Tools: The Complete List (2016 Update)

If you want to see the best SEO tools in one place, then you’ll LOVE this guide.

I personally tested and reviewed over 184 free and paid tools.

And you can filter through the list to find the best SEO software for you.

Check it out…


Going over all of them is a lot of work in itself so I would recommend that you choose and stick to the necessary ones if you feel overwhelmed. The following is a video recommendation with some basic free tools that are at your disposal.



There are literary hundreds of tools that can help you optimize your site, keep an eye on competition and uncover for you what is good and what is bad. Selecting which one to use is a matter of needs also a matter of preference because sometimes X tool does the same that Y does, the only difference can be the interface or a few more metrics that are not so important.